The Moment I Knew: Reflections from Women on Life's Defining Moments (Book)
The Moment I Knew: Reflections from Women on Life's Defining Moments (Book)
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The Moment I Knew: Reflections from Women on Life's Defining Moments (Book)

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153 pages. Softcover. ISBN 9780982580622. Second book in the Reflections from Women series featuring 30 authors from six different countries sharing the moments in their lives that changed them in profound ways. Their stories will stay with you. Moving. Touching. Memorable.

There are moments in our lives that are so significant they become etched in our memories. They may be decisions, crises or challenges, or simply situations we stumbled upon. Yet, these moments change us in ways we never expected.

The Moment I Knew: Reflections from Women on Life’s Defining Moments is a collection of essays and poems about those unforgettable times in our lives. Thirty women from six different countries share their personal insights from the wonder and sublime of everyday life to unexpected crises.

What is the moment you knew?


Stories of Real Women Learning Amazing Lessons.  I've always been a fan of memoir. I love reading about real people and how they've risen above various obstacles, how they've learned and what they've learned. It's amazing what the human psyche is capable of. If you're of a similar mind, you'll enjoy THE MOMENT I KNEW. Each story is only a few pages, so it makes for easy reading at bedtime or while waiting for the coffee in the morning. Various topics are covered including leaving abusive relationships, lovingly handling difficult children, assuaging the ghosts of the past, even suicide, [my contribution]. Portions of the proceeds from sales of the book go towards various charities that empower women.” –Author Grace Peterson

Five Stars! Amazing that women from such varied backgrounds can relate so well to lives unlike their own - the ages and events are international while the writing is so personal.” --Jessie Bell

What A Great Book!  I really like this book! I can't seem to put it down. I love how each chapter has a theme and how all the stories tie to one another in some way. This is so exciting.”     Samantha Wheeler

Ms. Spahr Nelson has done it again. I have been looking forward to this book for months--since I finished the first book in the Reflections from Women series. Terri Spahr Nelson has again put together a collection of short stories written by women from literally all around the world. Some of my friends said they savored the stories, reading one every night. I on the other hand devoured it all at once, as one story whet my appetite for the next. What a wonderful way to provide a forum for the diverse voices of women.  I'll be looking forward to the next in the series.” --Deb, Washington

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