All of our print booklets are available as e-booklets for download as digital pdf files with password protection valid for up to one year (depending on the license you purchase).  Scroll down to see all e-booklet titles in this collection. 

Size: 40-60 pages depending on the specific title(s) you purchase. 

Cost: Licenses to distribute the copyrighted e-booklets are available in two options:

Institutional license:  Cost $500 per title for one-year, unlimited e-distribution.

  • Best for larger institutions or wider distribution needs (e.g., universities, coalitions, US Military...).
  • Pay a one-time license fee to distribute unlimited quantities for one year before license and password expire. 
  • Also includes custom printing with your organization’s contact information on the back cover page. 

      Limited nonprofit license:  Cost $125 per title for access to 100 digital copies up to six months.

      • Best for smaller nonprofit organizations with a limited budget and fewer intended recipients.
      • Pay a one-time license fee to distribute 100 digital copies with 6-month expiration from the date sale for license and password.
      • Also includes custom printing with your organization’s contact information on the back cover page

      Why choose e-publications?

      • Easy to order online or with order form via email or fax.
      • Economical--Half the price of print booklets with no delivery cost.
      • Quick access to your products--no waiting for shipping. Accessible for download via your email within 2-3 business days.
      • Available up to one year after purchase for distribution (based on your license). Send to your recipients as needed.
      • A multi-use license allows more privacy for your recipients (e.g., survivors, staff, students...) to view the booklet privately at their discretion and on their own devices.
      • ADA compliant (per section 508) on e-readers for persons with visual impairments.
      • Free customization on each e-booklet with your organization’s contact information on the last page.
      • Your organization will have access to distribute one of the top publications on this topic with important, extensive, and current information on healing from sexual assault--the same content as found in our print booklets. 

      How do I order and access my licensed e-booklets?

      1. Scroll below and click the publications you want and add them to your cart.
      2. Add custom print information about your organization in the notes section for typeset in your exclusive e-publications.
      3. Check out and pay for all of your products (e-books and printed publications).
      4. Look for your customized, licensed digital pdf file in your email within 2-3 business days.
      5. Use the password to open the file and share this password when you send the e-booklet to others so they can open it too. 
      6. Your unique license code and password for your e-booklets is will remain valid based on the license you purchase. 
      7. If you would rather not order online, send the order form via email sales-at-SugatiPublications.com or fax at 888-391-4588.

      Terms of using our digital license:

      You may distribute the e-booklet in its entirety with the password (needed to open the file) to your intended recipients in accordance with your license terms and time limits:

      • Institutional license--Unlimited distribution up to one year before license and password expires.
      • Limited, nonprofit license--Up to 100 e-file shares in 6 months before license and password expires.

      As a condition of purchasing the license, you agree NOT to:

      • Reproduce, copy, print or edit any or all of the content in any format.
      • Remove any copyright or licensing notices, expirations or author information.
      • Post or upload any of the content on any website or social media.
      • Sell copies of the copyrighted material.
      • Transfer your license or password to another organization or third party.

      By purchasing and using our e-booklet files you agree on behalf of your organization to the license terms and to uphold the copyright. 

      No refunds are available since this purchase involves digital files.

      Please keep in mind:  

      • Our e-books are copyrighted and all rights are reserved, so reproduction or posting online are violations of the copyright. 
      • Each e-booklet is stamped with your individual license code and is password protected to open the pdf file. 
      • Licenses and passwords will expire in accordance with the product license you purchased.

      We appreciate your respect of the copyright as we are an independent small publisher and woman-veteran owned small business.  We have worked diligently to ensure our products are up-to-date, trauma-informed, culturally appropriate and developed by experts in the field.  Our customers have said it is the best available on this topic and we agree!

      Thank you for your understanding and respect of the copyrighted material. 

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