Coping with Sexual Assault:    A Guide to Healing for LGBTQIA+ Survivors and Their Loved Ones
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Coping with Sexual Assault: A Guide to Healing for LGBTQIA+ Survivors and Their Loved Ones

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56 pages plus introduction. Size 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 near-teal cover (other colors available upon request).   This booklet was written specifically for adult LGBTQIA+ sexual assault survivors and their loved ones. It was developed by a team of experts in the field and reviewed by a national advisory council including survivors . It includes extensive trauma-informed information about healing and recovering after a sexual assault for LGBTQIA+ survivors including: medical care and options, reporting concerns, the criminal justice process, and additional resources. Also covered is the impact and intersection of gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, race, and abilities. Special sections are written for:

  • victims of intimate partner violence
  • bisexual women
  • lesbians
  • bisexual men
  • gay men
  • transgender persons
  • intersex persons
  • asexual persons
  • LGBTQIA+ persons of color
  • LGBTQIA+ persons with disabilities
  • LGBTQIA+ victims of hate crimes
  • persons with multiple marginalized identities

This resource should be made available throughout your community in locations where LGBTQIA+ persons may seek services or assistance, including hospitals, clinics, police departments, colleges and universities.

Customer feedback:

"FINALLY! This is a much needed resource for LGBTQIA+ survivors. It is also very helpful for providers who are working with LGBTQIA+ persons. Thank you! --Victim Advocate

FUNDRAISING IDEA! Contact your local PFLAG to underwrite the purchase of these publications for your clients:  A $250 gift from your group will ensure 100 LGBTQIA+ survivors and their loved ones in our community will receive this important resource. Offer to acknowledge their donation and their organization's name on the back of all booklets. 

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