When One Door Closes--Reflections from Women on Life's Turning Points (Book)
When One Door Closes--Reflections from Women on Life's Turning Points (Book)
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When One Door Closes--Reflections from Women on Life's Turning Points (Book)

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A must read for any woman who is facing her own turning point.

336 pages. Softcover. ISBN: 9780982580691. Premier book in the Reflections from Women series featuring 53 authors and 55 diverse stories about life, love, loss and moving on. Compelling. Provocative. Inspiring.

This book reveals the scope of women’s lives as heard through the voices of those who have dealt with issues common to most—love, relationships, marriage, divorce, parenting, career choices, illness, grief, and loss. When One Door Closes brings forth touching accounts that offer readers an opportunity to make a connection, engage in reflection, and find encouragement on their own journeys and to discover that even in the most difficult of circumstances, compassion, hope, forgiveness, or peace can be found.


A Great Approach to Telling Women's Stories. This book is incredibly inspiring, and I have never read anything like it. Seriously, I'm trying to be sneaky holding it under my desk. With the short stories I know I can finish a couple before the workday is done. Before my M-F 9-5 I was in college, majoring in Women's Studies, and one important lesson I learned when was to always be aware of who the author/storyteller is. What are the possible biases involved when someone attempts to write about experiences (especially those of marginalized persons) that are not their own? I see "When One Door Closes" as a platform for women to empower themselves by taking ownership of their voice and their experiences. There are many voices in this book and while I personally have not been in a relationship with a transsexual, gone through a divorce, faced difficult decisions during pregnancy or had to escape from a seriously abusive relationship (although my boyfriend in high school was pretty psycho) I do not feel so disconnected from these women. They make me think about and further appreciate the women in my life. I think that this would be wonderful book club reading which is why I recommended it to mine (shout out to the Ladies Who Brunch Book Club:) The reflection points at the end of each chapter are helpful for starting a good discussion.” --Maggie, Washington DC

A nicely edited book.  We really like this book in our women's group.” --C Waltz

Perfect Women's Book Club Book. "The first sentence of each of these essays is a jewel. How can you not be hooked with opening lines such as, "I got the call on a Friday afternoon from a Washington D.C. detective, telling me in a very gentle way that David's body had been found;" "When you get married at 46, you can wear whatever you want;" "Once you've been a mom to six children, there's not a whole lot else;" "I think I have developed feelings for another man;" "A monster is living inside of me;" "She recognized him at once and stilled, mid-sentence, to consider this stranger who exuded a glow of inevitability;" or "By the time news came that Mom had died, she had been dead for years"? Share with good friends and the women you love!" --Susan

An inspirational collection of women's storiesWhat a fabulous collection of stories highlighting the diverse voices and experiences of women. I received this book from a friend in the mail, opened the book and was instantly engaged and inspired. I laughed, I cried, I marveled at the writing talents of the authors and I appreciated the wide range of women's voices and the stories told. I also immediately began thinking, "Who could I give this book to as a gift?" It would make a great book for a book club! The editor has even put together a collection of reflection points for each section with questions that would be great catalysts for a discussion. The editor also notes at the end of the book that she is planning a second edition and most impressively, that 35% of the profits are going to non-profit agencies that provide assistance to women. When One Door Closes is supportive of women in so many ways - but it is also a collection of stories of the ways that life shapes who we are and who we become - and as such causes us to think about our own life stories and experiences that have shaped us - and how to make sense of our own lives and turning points. I loved it and would highly recommend it to both women and men.” –Deb, WA.

A great book for women's book groups to inspire thoughtful discussion and genuine connection. Contact us for bulk sales pricing for book groups and other groups at sales@SugatiPublications.com.

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